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Why You Should Beware Of San Jose BMW

In the US, San Jose BMW is known to be a place where used and brand new motorcycles are being sold. However, just like cars, motor bikes will also need to have maintenance check in order for them to function well throughout your usage and you should take that as a precaution that you need to select a bike shop that can accommodate your bike needs. If you ever happened to pass by San Jose BMW and is confused whether to select that shop or not, here are following reasons why you should beware of them and better choose a better option.


One single bike may vary prices from one another depending on their year model and if it is brand new or used. When you choose to have a 2nd hand motorcycle, you chose that because you tend to know that it will be sold at a lesser price compared with the brand new ones. However, this is not what to expect when you happen to visit San Jose BMW basically because even their used motorcycles are priced not far from the brand new ones which makes it harder for the buyer to pay or afford it.

For better quality options and pricing, get yourself going with another shops.

Poor Customer Service

It is expected that when you query the customer service, they will provide you with the best option that they can give you in a very approachable and polite manner since they are working to give you ease with whatever your motorcycle is going through or if you just want to ask regarding a motorcycle which you want to buy in the future probably. However, it is reported by some that San Jose BMW has poor customer service because they will not take your problem seriously and will eventually ignore you if you will not follow up with your concern. This kind of customer service should not be tolerated somehow because some will eventually end up mad and may surely sue them for their poor service, so for you to avoid being in the phase of outraging temper better find yourself another shop that will work well for you.

Disrespectful and dishonest staff

Every customer will want to have a shop that can accommodate their needs and the same time treating them with respect. Now, this goes opposite with San Jose BMW because a complainant once said that he asked about why their prices were so high? And the employee replied “c’mon don’t you know that the cheap motorcycles for brother of color is down the street?” which is very harsh to hear with everyone who is in the place of the complainant. It was also reported that they have a dishonest way of answering your query and if you’ve asked them the breakdown for your expense, they will all make it up. So better check other BMW shops for better and honest services that they can provide for you.