Stay Energized When Working For More Haulage Contracts

Those whose jobs it is to get more haulage contracts for the company can be a prime candidate for burn-out, what with the stress and pressure and the often inconvenient work schedules view it now. But there’s a definite method to this madness and we have gathered three of the best personal management tips to help you stay in good shape and work more effectively.

Variety is the Spice of Life

A wise person once said that you cannot expect to have a different world-shattering result from doing the same thing over and over. As a haulier, you may have been doing the same things for long periods of time and it may be having a toll on your attitude. If your job is to secure the company more haulage contracts, then your jadedness can have a very real effect on the company’s wellbeing. The point is, if you’ve become bored with what you’re doing, then those around you, such as colleagues, friends, superiors, and worse, customers, will also sense that boredom and begin to doubt your commitment.

Adding an element of variety into your workaday can work wonders and often it’s as simple as changing your schedule, or adding a little perk during your midday break. If you have a difficult job ahead of you, learn to recognise that you may not be able to finish it in one sitting. Take regular breaks, take a step back to gain focus, and do things differently.

Pleasant Work Space

It goes without saying that having a pleasant workplace is conducive to success and peak performance. If you’re working in grimy, noisy conditions with so many distractions in front of you, you simply cannot accomplish what you set out to achieve, then you are bound to feel disheartened. If you have a quota on the haulage contracts you must secure, then it is even worse. You must keep your workplace clean and free from clutter. Make it as comfortable as possible. Organise your knick-knacks according to usage or the requisites of ergonomics. And most importantly, keep it well lit and pleasant to be in (a little aromatherapy may help), so that you can get inspired within it.

Get Off the Grid

With all the gadgets we use for communication (laptops, smartphones, and tablets), it really takes an effort to disassociate ourselves from the need to constantly engage in conversation. While connecting with potential customers may be good if you want to get more haulage contracts, it can be detrimental to your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in the long run. The point is, as much as you feel the need to constantly engage, you should learn to recognise that sometimes you need total silence and just require time off the grid. When you take a vacation, truly enjoy it by not spoiling it with the phone constantly ringing at inopportune moments my explanation. Inform your colleagues and customers weeks ahead of a vacation, so that you’ll be managing their expectations, and so that you can truly enjoy that vacation.

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